Thursday, September 7, 2017


Cornered by EyeSplice: 

Opening Reception

September 8th, 2017. 6-9 pm
982 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316

Cornered examines the often biased expectations placed upon cis-gender boys and girls in our society, and asks the question: “What happens when a man is nurturing and a woman is aggressive?” For some, this takes on the role of embracing female expressions of aggression, and demonstrating this as a human reaction towards a frustrating and discriminatory set social standards for women and girls. For others, it’s deconstructing archetypes stitch by stitch. Still others utilize humor to challenge traditionally feminine pastimes. For the members of EyeSplice, the work made as artists and as women serve as a powerful vehicle for making visible the diversity, and humanity of women and their experiences.

EyeSplice is a collective of women who incubate questions and develop work from a myriad of backgrounds and geographical locations. Curation in this manner is purely conceptually based; aesthetic convergences and divergences are emergent and unpredictable. Members of EyeSplice represent a contemporary network of artists, brought together for brief periods of study or residency but transient in their proximity to one another and intentionally spread across the country.

Contact: Megan Hildebrandt, 

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